About Us

It’s all begin from our love to the world of fashion which is so dynamic and our dream to provide good quality clothing, fashionable and trendy clothing for all ladies. So with the high commitment in 2004 we start MINEOLA Fashion Indonesia to fulfill our dream. We start by thinking about the process of designing a clothing that focus on comfort without compromising style and can support the needs of modern women with high activity like you. Our products are targeted for modern woman like you that have a sophisticated taste of fashion and truly know what to expect from a piece of clothing you wear.

In its development we aimed to build MINEOLA Fashion Indonesia as a leader in woman fashion retail industry in Indonesia which focusing in your satisfaction to our products and innovation in products offering.

Inspiring Lifestyle and Latest Fashion Trend are an added value that you can get while you shop online at mineolafashion.com. We are also committed to always bring the best products offering for our valued customers, so it will give you a new and pleasant experience in shopping.

After all, “A good appearance will takes you to a good place and opportunity”. So start looking good today and get admired by others, you’ll never know when the talent hunter or decent man spot on you. :)

So, Are you ready to look "Stylish, Trendy and Fashionable with MINEOLA ?"